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Como propietario de una pequeña empresa, sus relaciones con su comunidad y sus colegas son esenciales para alcanzar el éxito. Sus compañeros de negocios pueden brindar apoyo y asesoramiento muy necesarios a medida que crece su pequeña empresa. Es por esto que muchos nuevos empresarios recurren a un mentor que ya abrió su propio camino. Sin embargo, una mentoría exitosa requiere esfuerzo. A continuación mencionamos algunos consejos sobre cómo tener una relación exitosa entre mentor y aprendiz. 

4 maneras de aprovechar al máximo su mentoría

Mantener una comunicación abierta....

Esta es la tercera publicación de una serie sobre los conceptos básicos de las finanzas de las pequeñas empresas. Eche un vistazo a nuestras publicaciones sobre cuentas bancarias para pequeñas empresas y tarjetas de crédito para pequeñas empresas, y esté atento a futuras publicaciones en esta serie.

Nuestras publicaciones anteriores en esta serie estaban dirigidas a las cuentas bancarias y tarjetas de crédito de pequeñas empresas, con énfasis en la importancia de mantener sus cuentas personales y empresariales por separado. Otro paso importante para formalizar las finanzas de su peq...

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Leslie Saul & Associates, Inc. is an architecture and interior design firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that primarily services the greater Boston and Miami areas. The business focuses on renovations including offices, restaurants, retail stores, senior living facilities, private homes, universities, churches, and synagogues, among many other building types. Founder Leslie Saul says that having such a broad practice has helped her maintain a business for more than 26 years. Additionally, her attention t...

In celebration of our new partnership with America’s SBDC, Venturize co-hosted a Twitter chat during National Small Business Week to talk about the top tips and resources to help small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs become loan ready. We were happy to be joined by our friends at Intuit QuickBooks, the New Jersey Business Action Center, Small Business Majority, BIGG Success and BizBuySell. There were also a number of SBDCs that participated, including the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, New York SBDC, University of Minnesota Center for Economic Development a...

Venturize se enorgullece de asociarse con el Centro de Recursos De Negocios para Veteranos (VBRC), una organización con sede en Missouri que ofrece tutoría y capacitación a propietarios veteranos de pequeñas empresas y colabora con su transición a la vida civil. VBRC no solo es un socio estratégico de nuestra organización matriz, Small Business Majority, sino que también se ha asociado con nosotros para llevar nuestros recursos de préstamos a su red de veteranos en expansión. En honor al Día de los Veteranos que tiene lugar esta semana, nos reunimos con el VBRC para aprender más sob...

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In honor of National Small Business Week, we asked several members of our national Small Business Council to share their expert advice on starting and running your own business. 

Our panel includes

Harland Henry: CEO and founder of SunBiz Showcase Alliance, an economic and community development advocacy company focused on the development of small enterprises based in Tampa, Florida. 

Jessica Jolly: Founder of ALT-Enter, a Chicago-base...

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It should go without saying that most job seekers want a quality benefits package to pair with their job offer. But which employee benefits are the most desired, and how can your company keep pace with the bigger guys?

Justworks conducted an original study* to answer that question.

Below, find out about the gaps between what employers offer and what prospective employees want — and the big opportunities available to growing businesses.

Finance 101: Understanding the building blocks of good credit

This is the fifth post in a series on the basics of small business finances. Check out our posts on small business bank accounts, small business credit cards, accounting software and building wealth. Stay tuned for future posts in this series.

After setting up the basics of your small business finances, like opening a business banking account or choosing an accounting system, you may be thinking about taking out a loan. Unfortunately, most banks view small business loans as a risky investment. O...

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Think quick — what was your childhood phone number? I bet those 10 digits came spilling out without hesitation.

If you’re in the market for an affordable business loan, you should be able to recall your credit score with similar ease. That’s because your score helps lenders gauge your financial fitness and the likelihood you’ll repay your loan. So if it’s in the right range, you can increase your odds of getting a business loan with great terms.

While traditional...

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Summer is coming and across the country that means state and county fairs. And cotton candy. And snow cones. Or maybe a trip to the air conditioned movie theater to beat the heat. With popcorn, of course. If any of these stir your memory or make your mouth water, you, and people around the world, can thank Great Western Products.

Great Western, a 65 employee company headquartered in Hollywood, Alabama has been supplying concession products and related equipment for over 5...