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The Verizon Small Business Digital Ready (VSBDR) program is here to provide support for small businesses looking to stay competitive in the new digital economy, including through a new grant program available through June 28, 2024.

To ensure entrepreneurs can take advantage of resources and funding available to them, we’ve compiled a list of new grant and loan programs available to small business owners during National Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May and beyond. Discover these resources below.

February isn’t just about celebrating Black history–it’s about honoring the past, the present and investing in the future. Throughout this month, business and community organizations recognize the significant contributions of Black communities and their immense power in business. This is why we’ve compiled a select list of grant programs that small business owners can take advantage of during Black History Month and beyond.
Today, an estimated 13 million businesses are led by women entrepreneurs in the United States, accounting for about 43% of all businesses. Unlocking their earning potential through entrepreneurship is a great pathway to achieving gender parity and building economic independence and generational wealth. This is why nonprofit organizations and corporations are launching programs aimed at helping women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses through access to capital, resources and online courses. Explore timely resources for women entrepreneurs below.
In 2022, Small Business Majority, in partnership with Support Latino Business and Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial, awarded critical funding to three Latina business owners through their annual #SupportSmallBiz grant program. The grant program bridges the gap in small business funding for Hispanic and Latino businesses, which often face challenges and systemic barriers in getting the capital and resources they need to start, grow and expand their enterprises.
In the United States, nearly 1 in 4 new businesses is Hispanic- or Latino-owned. And while they make up almost 10% of all businesses in the country, these businesses also faced the brunt of revenue loss and business closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below you’ll find grant and loan programs that are working to increase access to capital for Latino and Hispanic businesses.
The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has recently made significant changes to their small business loan programs to help level the playing field and boost access to credit for smaller businesses. Read below for more information about those changes and what you can expect.
Small businesses are looking for ways to stay competitive in the new digital economy, especially as they continue to face challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining the e-commerce market, attracting new customers and scaling may seem daunting for new and established businesses, but the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program is here to provide support.
In honor of Black History Month, we have compiled a list of funding and business assistance opportunities geared toward Black entrepreneurs.
Tight profit margins and recent workforce shortages have made it a struggle for childcare providers to keep their doors open. This is why access to funding is critical to help childcare providers in Colorado start, maintain and grow their businesses. We have compiled a list of grant opportunities and incentives available to childcare providers in Colorado. 
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