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Loans & Grants

Find a grant for your small business

Grants are awards, usually financial awards, that an organization, federal agency, non-profit, foundation, or philanthropy provides to an individual and/or business.​ While grants typically do not need to be repaid, they usually have strict eligibility and/or requirements that entrepreneurs must meet.

We add new grant programs to our portal on a regular basis to ensure business owners can take advantage of programs that will benefit their businesses. Get early access to these resources, sent directly to your inbox.

Get Grant Ready

Our checklist will prepare you with the knowledge and tools to become grant ready, empowering you to apply for funding opportunities that will benefit your small business.

Grant portal

Access our portal of national, state and local small business grant opportunities. New funding resources are added as information becomes available.

Find Local Help

There are many organizations willing to help you start and grow your business, often for low or no cost. Find business assistance providers near you.