Home and/or mailing addresses (for everyone applying for coverage)

Quick Overview

Where you live can affect what health coverage you’re eligible for.

You’ll enter your home address to show if you’re a resident of the state where you’re seeking coverage. You’ll select your state at the beginning of the application.

You’ll be asked for your mailing address. Often, this will be the same as your home address. If it’s not, provide a mailing address in the state you live in, if you can.

If anyone on your application has a different home and/or mailing address, you’ll need to have it also.

Information about your household

Quick Overview

Your Marketplace application will ask you about each person in your household, even those not applying for coverage.

For the Marketplace, your household usually includes the tax filers and their tax dependents, but there are exceptions. Sometimes the Marketplace includes people you live with who aren’t in your tax household.

You should include yourself on your application. Here’s a basic list of the other people you should generally include, if these people are in your household:

  • Your spouse
  • Your children who live with you, even if they make enough money to file a tax return themselves
  • Anyone you include on your tax return as a dependent, even if they don’t live with you
  • Anyone else under 21 who you take care of and who lives with you
  • Your unmarried partner, only if one or both of these apply:
    • They’re your dependent for tax purposes
    • They’re the parent of your child

If you need more information, visit, or call the Marketplace Call Center.

Group Coverage Options

At this point you may well be wondering what type of coverage might work for your business. Healthcare plans are complicated and many plans can’t be neatly characterized—as an HMO, a PPO, and so on—but offer a mix of features, and what they cover may change frequently.