Information about your household

Your Marketplace application will ask you about each person in your household, even those not applying for coverage.

For the Marketplace, your household usually includes the tax filers and their tax dependents, but there are exceptions. Sometimes the Marketplace includes people you live with who aren’t in your tax household.

You should include yourself on your application. Here’s a basic list of the other people you should generally include, if these people are in your household:

  • Your spouse
  • Your children who live with you, even if they make enough money to file a tax return themselves
  • Anyone you include on your tax return as a dependent, even if they don’t live with you
  • Anyone else under 21 who you take care of and who lives with you
  • Your unmarried partner, only if one or both of these apply:
    • They’re your dependent for tax purposes
    • They’re the parent of your child

If you need more information, visit, or call the Marketplace Call Center.