Access to Markets: Freeing Entrepreneurs & Independent Businesses From Dominant Gatekeepers Featuring Congressman Joe Neguse

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Friday, March 12, 2021
12:00pm ET

Building a business is an exciting, but uphill, challenge. You need a great product or service, customers, a viable business model, and access to capital (a major challenge, itself!). But today even that may not be enough. You also need a plan to deal with monopolies. 

Across the economy, in everything from online marketing to live entertainment and even in cheerleading, dominant corporations operate as gatekeepers and private regulators, settings terms and conditions for entrepreneurs — small, medium-sized, and sometimes even large businesses. 

How did this happen? For forty years, policymakers failed to ensure markets are structured to be fair, open and not just for the largest players. As a result, entrepreneurs and small businesspeople face much longer odds of success, as they can no longer fairly compete and thrive on the merits of providing better products or services.

Please join us for the launch of a new “Access to Markets” initiative featuring remarks from House Antitrust Subcommittee member and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Joe Neguse (CO-02). This event will focus on the challenges that private market restrictions poses to entrepreneurship and business growth and how public policy can rebalance the playing field. 

Small Business Majority's Founder & CEO, John Arensmeyer and Small Business Majority network member Ted Milner, President of Executive Temps will join a panel to offer their perspectives on how policymakers can prioritize fair access to markets and the impacts this can have for the small business community.