A POS, or point of service plan, is a type of healthcare plan that offers cheaper service if you use doctors, hospitals and other providers in-network for your insurance plan. These plans typically require you to receive a referral from your primary care provider to see specialists, making them more flexible than an HMO plan, but less flexible than a PPO.

What is covered? 

Usually comprehensive

Whom can you see? 

Any doctor referred by primary care physician; benefits reduced for services outside the network if not referred by PCP.

Cost-sharing at time of service: 

Contact a broker for detailed information on costs.

Monthly premium*: 

Contact a broker for premium quotes, but the national average is roughly $600/month. 


Offers more flexibility than HMOs but less than PPOs. Employees should be willing to assume responsibility for some administrative duties (such as obtaining referrals or submitting claims).

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