Deducción De Nómina Para La Ira

Una deducción de nómina para la IRA (individual retirement account/cuenta individual de jubilación) es una forma poco costosa para que los pequeños empleadores ayuden a sus empleados a comenzar a ahorrar para la jubilación. Un empleador puede establecer un programa de IRA a través de un banco, proveedor de jubilación u otra institución financiera, con costos mínimos para ellos o sus negocios. Una vez que la cuenta está configurada, los empleados pueden darse de baja o autorizar una deducción de nómina.


Payroll deduction IRA

A payroll deduction IRA is a low-cost way for small employers to help their employees start saving for retirement. An employer can set up an IRA program through a bank, retirement provider or other financial institution with minimal costs to themselves or their business. Once the account is set up, employees can opt-out or authorize a payroll deduction. The employee contributions to the IRA are made after-tax, but the earnings will be tax-free. 


Navigating small business retirement options

When you work for a large company, decisions about saving for retirement are often made for you—your employer likely offers some sort of savings account that provides tax benefits for you to save for retirement, and may even match any contributions you put into that account. But when you’re a small business owner, you have to navigate the retirement savings process alone, which can be stressful. It may seem even trickier if you have employees and need to set up a plan by yourself. But there is a lot of good news:

OregonSaves (OR)

OregonSaves is a state retirement program that provides Oregonians a unique opportunity to save for the future. Whether you are an employer who will facilitate the program or an individual planning for the future, OregonSaves is a simple way to get started.

Secure Choice (IL)

In early 2018, Illinois launched a pilot for Illinois Secure Choice, a state-sponsored retirement program. This new, simple way to save for retirement provides a Roth Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) to those employees who do not have access to a retirement savings plan through work. Illinois Secure Choice is estimated to help 1.2 million workers in Illinois save for their future retirement.