Access to Capital

Small business owners: Ask yourself these 5 essential financial planning questions to ensure you're on the right track

This post orginally appeared on the blog of our partner, CDC Small Business Finance.

If you’re a business owner, money matters are often top of mind. Is my company bringing in enough revenue? Will I have enough saved up for retirement? How much will I owe in taxes this year?

When you might need a loan

As a small business owner, you put more than your sweat and tears into your business—you also put in your own savings and risk your personal credit to get your business off the ground. Loans and other financing options may not seem viable for a startup or you may be cautious about taking on business debt, but financing your business through a loan might be the right avenue to help you expand your business. Read on to find out if you should consider a loan for your business.


Esta es la segunda publicación de una serie sobre los conceptos básicos de las finanzas de pequeñas empresas. Eche un vistazo a nuestro primer puesto en cuentas bancarias de pequeñas empresas y permanezca atento a las publicaciones futuras de esta serie que incluye información sobre contabilidad.

Female Founder Speaker Series: Interview with Remy Meraz, founder of Me Tyme Network

Small Business Majority's Deputy California Director Xiomara Peña spoke with Remy Meraz, founder of Me Tyme Network, to discuss her story and lessons she learned along the way as she built her business. Me Tyme Network produces video content aimed at "helping people think, feel and work better." Listen to Remy share what inspired her to become an entrepreneur, how she's navigated funding challenges, the resources she's relied on to grow her business and more!