Women's entrepreneurship

How to Close the Funding Gap for Female Entrepreneurs

Throughout Women’s History Month, we celebrate the economic, social and political contributions that women make to our world. Women account for roughly half of the American workforce, attain higher levels of education than men and are an increasing share of primary or solo breadwinners. There is no doubt that for America to thrive, we must promote the economic empowerment of women. Central to women’s economic success is women’s entrepreneurship, which contributes significantly to overall economic growth and prosperity.

Women Entrepreneurs May Have More Obstacles to Endure, but There Are a Few Ways to Ensure Success

Entrepreneurship is rarely easy, especially as a female in a typically male-dominated business world. I recently had an opportunity to interview two highly successful business masterminds: Rachel Braun Scherl of SPARK Solutions for Growth, who has nabbed the title of "Vagipreneur" for her success in the female sexual health market, and Sarah Beane Ricca, VP and financial advisor for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Both women have sage advice about the practices and philosophies they live by to overcome female-related obstacles and obtain true success.

What Lyneir Richardson Has Learned About Failure And The Challenges For Minority Entrepreneurs

Lyneir Richardson wears two hats, as an entrepreneur and an academic. Since 2014, he’s been executive director of Rutgers Business School’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, a program that supports women and people of color who are starting their own ventures. He’s also CEO of Chicago TREND, which offers financing and consulting to retail developers in Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods.

17th Annual Asian Small Business Expo features resources to help Asian businesses grow

Government officials, business leaders and community members gathered in Arcadia, California on Wednesday, August 31 to announce the upcoming 17th Annual Asian Small Business Expo. Organized annually by the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program (API SBP), the expo on Saturday, September 10 bears the theme, “Recipes for Growth.”  Activities that day include a women’s entrepreneur panel and workshops to guide business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to succeed in their respective fields.

Most Small-Business Owners Say 'Glass Ceiling' Still Exists for Women

The United States has its first major female presidential nominee of a major party. Does that mean the “glass ceiling,” restricting opportunities for women, is gone? No, America’s small-business owners said in a survey conducted by Bank of America. Seventy-seven percent of the women and 56 percent of the men surveyed said they thought the glass ceiling existed for some women and minorities. Also, 51 percent of female entrepreneurs surveyed said they started their own business because they wanted to be their own boss.

10 things candidates need to know about women entrepreneurs

There’s been a lot said about women this election season. What hasn’t made the headlines, though it should, is the importance of women business owners to the U.S. economy.

Women own nearly 10 million businesses— contributing $1.6 trillion to the economy and employing nearly 9 million people nationwide.