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Black Dollars Matter: What Will It Take for Black Banks to Start Leveraging Our Wealth and Recycle Dollars Within the Community Again?

The Black bank has played an important role in funding Black entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions, sustaining the Black community and helping individuals when other banks turned a blind eye. This Juneteenth–the commemoration of the end of slavery and the beginning of freedom and independence for African-Americans–provides an opportune time to examine the role of that Black financial institutions have played and continue to play, the ways in which integration impacted the economic ecosystem, and the challenges and opportunities facing Black banks.

Bridging the Gap Between Black Banks and the Black Community

For some African American-owned businesses like Dooky Chase's in New Orleans, black banks have provided lifelines, but a disconnect exists for younger entrepreneurs who could benefit.

An FDIC report last month found that half of all African American and Latino households are disconnected from the formal financial system, compared to one in five white households. This means blacks often pay more to cash checks, buy money orders and conduct other transactions. 

Small Business Not Getting Credit Where It's Due

Over the past 5 years, nominal (not real) GDP grew 20 percent; not great, but positive. However, over the same period, government debt grew over 30 percent, indicating that government is taking a larger share of available funds in the economy. Corporate credit also grew over 30 percent while credit to households and small businesses grew by less than 10 percent (Flow of Funds, Federal Reserve). This suggests that the bulk of credit available has been allocated to governments and large corporations, not to the small business sector, the engine of growth.

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