Marketing and research

You have a dream for how your business can reach new heights. But growth often means more customers, more sales and a bigger audience. How do you reach these people? Marketing and research. Don’t know where to start? These resources will help you find quick tips or develop a marketing plan that makes sense for your business and your goals. 

You want to drive more traffic to your website, and you think digital advertising might be the way to do it. If you're interested in using a pay-per-click tool like Google AdWords, you can use this calculator to estimate the return on investment you might earn from this kind of marketing campaign. 

Email marketing can be a great way to increase sales from customers who have signed up to receive your updates. But these campaigns can take time and money, resources a small business owner must spend carefully. This calculator can help you estimate your expected return on investment so you can spend your marketing dollars wisely.

You’ve created a business plan for your small business, in which you laid out your vision, strengths, resources and goals for the future. Now it’s time to think about a marketing plan. The two documents will work together in helping you realize your small business’s potential.

For some small business owners, marketing comes naturally. For others, it's a skill that takes time and investment to get just right. The Small Business Administration has created a quick course covering all the basics you need to know to start marketing your business.