Celebrating National Small Business Week

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is hosting National Small Business Week from September 13-15 in an all-virtual summit, honoring the nation’s 31 million small businesses and their perseverance, ingenuity, triumphs, and creativity amid unique challenges brought on by the global pandemic.

This year’s theme celebrates the resilience of America’s entrepreneurs and renewal of the small business community. The event will bring together business owners and industry experts to showcase new business strategies and best practices, and allow business owners to learn from one another.

The SBA has celebrated National Small Business Week for nearly 60 years, as American small businesses play a central role in building and growing our economy.​

Below you will find a breakdown of the three-day event. To register, visit this page.

National Small Business Week Summit

Monday, September 13, 11 AM ET – “Getting Back on Track: Resources to Build Back Better”

Panels include:

  • National Small Business Week welcome – SBA Administrator Guzman
  • Morning session – Visa U.S. economic outlook:  Charting a course for the expansion
  • Mid-day sessions
    • Getting real about resilience
    • Make your small business more accessible
    • Winning in e-commerce with email marketing
  • Late-day session – Government incentives to support and retain employees

Tuesday, September 14, 11 AM ET – “Better Serving Small Businesses and Underserved Communities”

Panels include:

  • Morning sessions
    • Access to capital for women entrepreneurs
    • U.S. Postal Service: Delivering solutions for small businesses
  • Mid-day sessions
    • Unlocking the doors to access for Black-owned businesses:  Funders and founders share their real-life stories
    • Resilience and the recovery: How small businesses can adapt to the trends transforming the workforce
  • Late-day session – Support Latino Biz: How Mayors and influencers are leading the way to celebrate the significant economic contributions that Latino-owned businesses make, the jobs they help create, and the positive impact they bring to our community.   

Wednesday, September 15, 11 AM ET – “Continuance to Support Resilience and Renewal”

Panels include:

  • Morning session – Recovery lessons from the nation’s entrepreneurial coaching networks
  • Panel discussion – Exporting as a way to grow your business: How SBA can help you sell overseas
  • Mid-day sessions
    • Accelerate your small business success by selling online
    • Integrating brick and mortar and e-commerce
  • Late-day session – Empowering the veteran and military small business community
  • Closing session – “Gateway to success:” Tune in to get a virtual look at the nationwide resources SBA field offices have to help small businesses start, grow, expand and recover, and how to get connected to the powerful network of small business entrepreneurs right in your community.
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