Access to Capital

Contracting opportunities

Selling to the federal or state government can offer significant potential for your business. Many regulations require governments to promote small businesses when awarding contracts, especially women-, veteran- or minority-owned businesses. Find out if you qualify and how to compete for federal or state dollars.

Mentoring and networking

Running a business is one of the biggest challenges you’ll ever undertake. Entrepreneurs with access to a mentor are more likely to start a business, and have higher revenues and higher rates of employment. These resources can help you find an advisor to guide you through the ups and downs of running your business. 

Marketing and research

You have a dream for how your business can reach new heights. But growth often means more customers, more sales and a bigger audience. How do you reach these people? These resources will help you find quick tips or develop a marketing plan that makes sense for your business and your goals. 

Financial tools & management

You’ve got the business plan down, but you need some help managing your finances and cash flow. Accounting, taxes, payroll—you deal with enough numbers every month to make your head spin. But you don’t have to tackle the numbers alone. These resources can help you keep your business in good financial health. 


Capital, o capital de trabajo, es la diferencia entre sus activos líquidos actuales, y sus pasivos actuales. Sus obligaciones actuales incluyen cualquier deuda o pago con vencimiento dentro de un año a partir de la fecha en la que está calculando su capital.

Variable Costs

Variable costs in your business are directly related to the sale of goods and services. Unlike fixed costs (like overhead), variable costs change over time. Examples of variable costs include shipping, raw materials, and labor. As sales increase, variable costs increase.