Access to Capital

Black History Month: Funding and business assistance opportunities for Black entrepreneurs

Small business owners know that one of the greatest barriers to success is a lack of access to capital. For Black business owners, this challenge is heightened, with large banks approving just 29% of loans sought by Black-owned small businesses compared to 60% of loans sought by white-owned small businesses. This is why it is critical that Black-owned small businesses are supported in order to build an equitable economy. In honor of Black History Month, we have compiled a list of funding and business assistance opportunities geared toward Black entrepreneurs. 

Pathways to Entrepreneurial Growth

Business ownership can help people become financially independent, support job growth and strengthen local economies. But ending systemic wealth inequality is not a simple task. Building wealth from within our communities for generations requires resources and education in business planning, financial literacy, access to safe capital and much more.

Grant funding and incentives for childcare providers in Colorado

Tight profit margins and recent workforce shortages have made it a struggle for childcare providers to keep their doors open. This is why access to funding is critical to help childcare providers in Colorado start, maintain and grow their businesses. We have compiled a list of grant opportunities and incentives available to childcare providers in Colorado.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Grant funding for Latino and Hispanic small businesses

Latino and Hispanic entrepreneurs are starting small businesses at a faster rate than other groups, accounting for 44% of growth rate in the past decade. However, disparities in access to capital remain, particularly how Latino-owned businesses have been able to raise capital during the pandemic. This is why access to grant funding is critical to help them start, maintain, and grow their businesses. We have compiled a list of grant opportunities available to Latino and Hispanic businesses in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which spans from September 15 to October 15.

Mes de la Herencia Hispana: Becas para los empresarios hispanos y latinos

Los empresarios latinos e hispanos están iniciando pequeñas empresas a un ritmo más rápido que otros grupos, lo que representa el 44% de la tasa de crecimiento en la última década. Sin embargo, persisten las disparidades en el acceso al capital, particularmente cómo las empresas propiedad de latinos han podido recaudar capital durante la pandemia. Esta es la razón por la cual el acceso a fondos de becas y subvenciones es fundamental para ayudarlos a iniciar, mantener y hacer crecer sus negocios.