Business Planning and Strategy

Before you can seek an outside loan, you need a strategy. A business plan shows potential lenders where you see your business is going and how funds could help you grow. Luckily for you, great tools to help you plan abound—and we’ve compiled them to help you find what you need now. Learn how to craft a road-map for your business with these business planning tools. 

A business plan is a vital tool for your business. You know this, but writing one still sounds daunting. Don’t let it. You already have a plan for your business in your head. All you’re doing when you write a business plan is taking the information from your head and putting it on paper.

You’re working on your business plan, great! Here are a few tips as you work.  

Starting a small business is hard work. The list of things you have to do in order to turn your dream into reality may seem overwhelming at first. When faced with such a formidable to-do list, it is easy to think of a formal business plan as something to table for later.

Bank loans are usually the least expensive way to finance a small business. However, it is not easy to get a bank loan, as banks have strict standards for lending.