Access to Capital Glossary


Financial Forecast

The financial forecast is an account document, usually included in your business plan, that projects the revenues and expenses you expect over the next 1-5 years.

Five Cs

The 5 Cs of credit are a handy way to remember what lenders are looking for when they are making decisions about loans. They are: Credit History (your full credit report and payment and debt history); Capacity to Repay (your ability to make monthly payments and pay down the overall loan); Collateral (the assets you have to promise against your loan); Capital (the amount of assets you have on hand, minus any liabilities); and Conditions (your plans for using the money are evaluated as part of the lending process. The lender may also look at economic and environmental conditions within your geographic area or within your industry). Learn more about what impacts your credit with Venturize's Credit Score IQ resources.

Fixed Assets

Fixed assets include any items that are purchased for your business and used for long-term business purposes. This can include equipment, buildings, machinery, or tools.

Fixed Costs

Fixed costs in your business are the regular payments you make that generally cost the same for each payment, regardless of your sales. These fixed costs are sometimes referred to as "overhead." Examples of fixed costs include rent, utilities, and taxes.


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